Success Stories

My Daughter was diagnosed with acid reflux at 1 month old. She would suffer from reflux at first 6 times a week. She was given adult Zantex, which didn’t seem to help. at 7 1/2 month I looked into chiropractic therapy for infants, but was unsure. At 8 months old we met Dr. Don. He assured me it would be a process before you would notice a difference. By the end of the first month of adjustments I was still not sure if it was working, but now 2 1/2 months later she stopped taking meds and hasn’t had reflux in 2 1/2 weeks. I know now chiropracting works! We Love Dr. Don!

-Brielles Mom

Before I started coming to Philadelphia Chiropractic it me days to recover from intensive training as a boxer and MMA fighter, sometimes even weeks. I started coming to Dr. Don and my recovery time has been cut in half. I noticed a big difference in how my body was improving and I was wondering what I was doing different and the answer is chiropracting!

-Johnson Jatouile

For many years I was experiencing what doctors diagnosed as hand tremors, I was prescribed all kinds of medications- some made me out of sorts at times, but had no real relief. I recently met Dr. Don to address other ailments and to my surprise, through just 2 visits the tremors stopped!! No Meds! Thank you- Thank you Dr. Don. You Rock!!

-Tonia Williams

This is my first winter since working in childcare that I haven’t been constantly sick with a cold or virus!

-Shanna Michell

You are in good hands....